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In lieu of maintaining a list of resources on our site, Texas DI helps maintain the DISC* DI Resource WIKI.  This WIKI is a fairly comprehensive compilation of resources for Destination Imagination teams and Team Managers.  It also includes a compilation of team performance videos that have been posted to youtube.  Select the Team Solution Videos link to view videos.  It is helpful to review the synopses of the challenges before viewing a video so that you have an idea of what the challenge requirements were.

Other Websites

Email Lists

  • The DINI list

The DINI list is a discussion list/support group for teams and team managers. You can ask advice (but not questions that would be considered interference) and get answers from experienced DI Team Managers and officials.  Send a blank email from your email address to

This list is self managed.  Every email you receive from these lists has a link at the bottom explaining how to automatically remove yourself from the list.

DISC= Destination Imagination Support Committee

This committee's primary purpose it to raise money for Destination Imagination scholarships and to support DI through activities at Global Finals.